1. Salute to DJ Sylent out in France with Ace Hood…


  2. Shaun Storms interviews Webbz. Really In depth interview. Head over to TFSLifestyle.com to see it.


  3. Throwback pic from my high school yearbook. That’s @tgigigi and myself… #tbt #valholla


  4. Sometimes you need to just relax “your nerves” like my mom would say…


  5. This is a crazy record, getting amazing feedback. Thanks to all who gave us their thoughts… This is the first single from the #MedicinalEP, Webbz, “Pre-Rollin” featuring Prez P, Produced by Young McFly - Stream it now, link is in my bio. If you’re feeling it, tweet #PreRollin. Thanks in advance. (I’ll see the tweets with the hashtag, We will RT) #CX #Valholla #PrezP #YoungMcFly



  7. Thanking God for giving me something that everyone doesn’t have… The Will To Never Quit #TheWillToNeverQuit


  8. Whenever you mention Iconic Labels, you have to mention Motown. I studied how they moved and learned a lot. The goal is, whenever you mention Iconic Labels, you mention Valholla as well. #Valholla #InspiredBy


  9. @uncle_rush, thanks for the inspiration.


  10. #MedicinalEP