1. Before I started working with Ron Slyda, I was a fan of his ‘Blue Summer’ LP. Here’s the cover art for the Remastered version of his critically acclaimed LP which will be released soon! #NASN #Valholla


  2. With the team today shooting B roll and we rolled up on my cuz real quick! DJ Amazing JC!!


  3. Workin’ @ Bleu Odin tonight… D’usse in my cup…


  4. Mood…


  5. It’s dropping sooner than you think #MedicinalEP


  6. Just around the corner #MedicinalEP


  7. Finalizing some things at @BleuOdin. #Working


  8. Unkle Luc print.unkleluc.com | 3LP.tumblr.com | video.unkleLuc.com | thewildep.com



  10. #KillFear